YPFit- A 5 week fitness and nutrition challenge for us

Wattup Muses!?

There’s a Fitness and Nutrition Challenge that I’m participating in and I wanted to invite yall along! Before I dig into the Challenge let me tell you about the host- National Urban League-Young Professionals (YP.) The National Urban League (NUL) is a civil rights organization that is dedicated to economic empowerment in the African American community. NUL has young professional affiliates across the US, and in Philly we have NExT which consists of young professionals (age 21 to 44) who are committed to leadership development, economic empowerment and community volunteer opportunities. I am a member of NExT Philly! If you’re interested, hit me up or go to the website. We do a bunch of great work and the members are amazing.

If you are a member of YP, whether in Philly, DC, NJ, NY…anywhere, this is a great health summer kickoff challenge. If you aren’t in YP, I’m inviting you to participate in it as well! This will kick-start me blogging consistently and will lead into my first event for museologie AND it will kickstart you into some healthier habits.

YP members, For more information go HERE and the deadline is sign up WEDNESDAY 4/17.

The young professionals exec team has launched a 5 week Fitness and Nutrition Challenge and week 5 (May 19-25) I’m leading the charge in PHL and planning a couple events around it too ..so GET READY! Let me quickly break down the weeks:

green drank.jpg
  • Week 1 (4/21) is all about your mind. We’re focusing this week on Yoga and Meditation. I’m planning to visit Vitality Meditation- a Black owned meditation studio in Philly. Philly people, if you want details let me know. Outside Philly people, checkout a local yoga or meditation studio or try Headspace/ other online tools for yoga.

  • Week 2 (4/28) drink ya drank…and that drink should be water. Fun fact...I don’t enjoy water but I know the importance for my body. I use an app called Plant Nanny to help me get my 60-70 oz in a day. AND TRULY, friends, it is making a difference in my life, especially with my skin.

  • Week 3 (5/5)- Cardio on the machine so think elliptical, treadmill or bike. I’m not a cardio machine gal, and now that the weather is starting to warm, I’ll go outside for cardio. Training aerobically is important. I’ll talk about this later.

  • Week 4 (5/12) Juices/Smoothies. I’m a huge fan of incorporating a smoothie as a part OR for a meal. I encourage it, but it’s some methodology to the smoothie making madness. Check out —>

  • Week 5 (5/19) Nutrition and Fitness week which could mean so much. Try #MeatlessMonday, do a few burpees everyday, try a new fruit or vegetable. You can always follow me to find out about this fitness class I plan on having!

more to come-JM