Museologie [mu·se·ol·o·gie]
v -inspiring and pushing you to live a happier + healthier life.

Jordan has one goal: to be happy. For her,  a happy life means a healthy, balanced and adventurous life.  Fed up with  her lack of confidence and fear about….everything,  she decided to take a summer to figure out what brings her joy, her fears, and how she can be more intentional about living in the moment and using her God given gifts.  museologie is her way, the muse way, of living.  museologie encompasses fitness, overall health and well-being, cooking and random lifestyle tidbits.

Jordan is a Philly jawn and very proud of that. She has been an ACSM certified personal trainer since 2012, the year The Tenth Muse: Fitness Plus was born. Now The Tenth Muse has now been folded into museologie, so all your fitness videos, events, tips and inspiration are back.. and better!

Thank you for being a Muse. Everyday, you are a source of inspiration whether you know it or not.