Self Retreat

Sup Muses!?

Self Retreat Looks—chillaxing.

Last weekend I had a "self" retreat that I'm really proud about. I had two board retreats in January where we set goals, did some event planning for the year and board members connected with one another. I needed to do all those things for myself. Summer is quickly approaching and I needed to sit down and figure out what my fitness plans are [for museologie,] what is the social impact & innovation angle [with museologie,] and most importantly, what would it look like to be fully vested in my own endeavors? I created some guiding questions for the weekend. Here’s a glimpse:

  • What drives me?

  • What’s distracting me?

  • What are my strengths & am I using my strengths to partner/collaborate and mitigate my (identified) weaknesses?

I wrote in my diary- something I've neglected since December and writing is imperative for my well-being. Yall, I have 11 diaries dating back to when I was I was a child. I sat in silence and had quality time with God. One thing that I do fairly often is my devotional, but I don’t pray enough and it’s been heavy on my spirit. I had time to talk with the Lord and figure out a routine where I can do my morning tasks without rushing. Coincidentally, my friend Luis called me, and we speak maybe twice a year, but we hadn’t spoken since Dec. Lu is very much so in the word, and after we spoke he asked if I wanted prayer..he prayed for and over me. Personally, this is deeply moving, because no one has ever offered to do this for me. He asked what he should pray for, heard me, then went to God. I’m so grateful for a friend like him. Truly, that was the pivot for my feelings that weekend.

My “self” retreat was a mix of going out and staying in. I was able to catch up with friends , participate in some fun activities and enjoy the beautiful weekend weather. Indoors, I was about to just be- I could dive into museologie, wedding planning and sort through my emotions and everything that comes with changes. (I’m not a fan of change.) This #SelfRetreat was especially crucial as we’re 6 months into 2019 because last year I left 2018 very disappointed with myself and my lack of forward progress on some major goals. I had a sense I was headed in that direction again and if I can redirect, let me redirect. Let me stop with the excuses and turn it around. So that’s what I did.

How am I feeling currently? Thanks for asking. I’m feeling extremely grateful that I had the time and resources to make last week happen. Also, feeling stable. How to explain this? I’m very inconsistent on my dreams because of…fear. So I’m feeling energetic and excited around all things. I’m making sure I remember how I feel now because it’s so easy to drift back into doldrum territory.

My next “self retreat” will be post-wedding so probably in October as Q4 begins. If you have questions about what I did, how’s it going, or if you’d like to do one for yourself, let me know. I’m ALWAYS down to chat.

Peace Muses - JM