Something New: Spartan Sprint

Sup Muses!


I completed my first Spartan Race! It was up in Palmerton, PA at Blue Mountain. My home girl asked if I wanted to do it months ago, and naturally I agreed. This was the Spartan Sprint and part of the mountain series. Spartan Race is an obstacle course race (OCR) with varying distances. Here are some deets on the Sprint:

  • Between 3-4 miles

  • 1450ft elevation (Blue Mountain)

  • 20 obstacles

I knew I would enjoy it because it was physically challenging, but the extent to which my endorphins triggered my happy feelings took me by surprise (Those OCR endorphins hit different…😏)For the entirety of Sunday and Monday I was so happy. I think elevated would describe me. I would MAYBE try the other Spartan Races ( Super- 8+ miles/25 obstacles or Beast- 12+ miles/ 30 obstacles) but I’m planning to do another Sprint in 2020. A few folks have already asked about it- so yes let’s do it. We can compete as a team. If you’d like to do a Sprint with me and a team of super dope folks, let me know! It’s a great way to get into obstacle races. My team this time around was everything…my strength when I was feeling weak.

My training stayed pretty consistent leading up to the Sprint. I intentionally ran for a few miles which I rarely do, but I definitely want to train with more intensity for future OCR, especially if I have to climb that mountain again. Was I sore? Yes. My glutes (butt) was the most sore and that was due to trekking up 1500 feet. My upper back muscles ( rhomboids, traps, etc) and muscles that extend and flex my feet were also super sore Sunday-Tuesday, BUT I was cool with it. Running downhill was surprisingly difficult and one aspect I want to learn more about. Why is it so difficult? Because you must concentrate on control when Gravity is urging you to run!? I'm not sure…I'll do research. I also neglected to mention trail running incorporated throughout the race. I was unfamiliar with those skills, but managed well- buy trail sneakers!!

I am not a fan of “bling” but my medal is something I’m proud about. Finishers received a T-shirt, Spartan photos (found below) and a bunch of recovery snacks. All in all, it was a great experience from start to finish. Tough- yes. Accomplishable-yes. Fun- yes.

Jordan you got this. Jordan you can do this!” were my mantras silently and out loud. Pushing through your mental blocks & encouraging yourself is one of the most important aspects of a physical challenge like the Spartan Race. There’s more I could say about preparation and the mental fortitude you need, but that’s for another post! AROO!

Peace -JM